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Well at least they admitted it….sorta

October 23, 2006 Leave a comment

It seems that you have to be outted about something before you will admit to it. Everybody has a closet with skeletons in it, and big corporations are no different. Todays unclean sacrifice to the media? The BBC. After somebody found a memo regarding their bias on religion they decided that yes they were biased afterall, sorry we didnt tell you earlier. Of course who isnt biased, and yes even the holy grail of broadcasting FOX News is biased. Nobody can be fair or balanced, or else it would make for boring TV. We cant have boring TV now can we. There has to be some drama and some sort of villian and hero to make us feel good and like we are really all okay. WRONG. Its a sick, sad world we live in and it aint getin no bettah. Yeah that was suthun getto speak. Afterall I must be trash since its okay to throw the Bible in the trash before the Koran. Stupid idiots, what are they afraid of the “religion of peace” for? After all if they are so peaceful why do they, yes you muslims, get all up in arms about looking at the Koran funny or maybe putting it down on the table to hard. Watch out suicide bomber heading your way! We’ve got virgins waiting in heaven on us and a short fused jacket of dynamite with your names on it.

BBC admits: We are biased on religion and politics

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The best things in life are free.

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I could not agree more with that statement. My salvation was free. That I could not live with out. I would have to say that besides that my girls are a “best”. No matter what kind of crappy day I am having or have had, they are always there. Sitting in traffic for over an hour to come home to a smile and a hug from them is the best thing in the world. They do not expect anything from you except a hug in return. It doesn’t come with any strings attached and its always easy to get more. Its a genuine true love that is not tainted with preconceived notions. It just is. I hate having to leave them everyday to go to work, but that is my life. I guess if I did not have to leave everyday it wouldn’t be so sweet to come home to.

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Traffic…coming to a TV near you.

October 18, 2006 Leave a comment

A thing we all love to hate. I sit in it daily both coming and going. I often wonder why I have to live so far from work. One hour to get to work, and one hour and fifteen minutes to get home. Eleven hours a week of my life are wasted looking at other peoples taillights. I still have yet to figure out why it takes longer to get home than it does to get to work. Atlanta traffic is like an organism. You begin to learn how its going to react to the stresses put upon it. The first two days this week were dreary, gray, rainy days. Because of this rain, or even the slight chance of it, people forget how to drive. The traffic home was ridiculous, and it was all because of a fender bender accident on the OTHER side of the road. Why do people feel the need to slow to a crawl and gawk at other peoples mistakes? As soon as I was able to get past this accident traffic took off! It never ceases to amaze me how much people love to enjoy their fellow humans misery. I guess that is why we have sports such as wrestling and boxing and reality TV. That gives me an idea. I think I will pitch a show to some Hollywood big-wig about people suffering in traffic. I will be a millionaire. So from here on out if you see a TV show about people suffering in traffic and my name isn’t on it, I’m gonna sue.

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And so it begins…

October 17, 2006 Leave a comment

It has been a while since I blogged anything. This seems to be a nice site and has lots of features for being free. Why do people feel the need to blog? Have you ever wondered that? I imagine it has something to do with our being human and needing to be in control of our environment. We all want to feel special and make sure we stand out in some way. Blogging lets us expunge that which is otherwise stuck in our heads. Before computers and the Internet, people wrote letters and books. Thanks to technology we can all have our voices heard, even if nobody is really listening.

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