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Traffic…coming to a TV near you.

A thing we all love to hate. I sit in it daily both coming and going. I often wonder why I have to live so far from work. One hour to get to work, and one hour and fifteen minutes to get home. Eleven hours a week of my life are wasted looking at other peoples taillights. I still have yet to figure out why it takes longer to get home than it does to get to work. Atlanta traffic is like an organism. You begin to learn how its going to react to the stresses put upon it. The first two days this week were dreary, gray, rainy days. Because of this rain, or even the slight chance of it, people forget how to drive. The traffic home was ridiculous, and it was all because of a fender bender accident on the OTHER side of the road. Why do people feel the need to slow to a crawl and gawk at other peoples mistakes? As soon as I was able to get past this accident traffic took off! It never ceases to amaze me how much people love to enjoy their fellow humans misery. I guess that is why we have sports such as wrestling and boxing and reality TV. That gives me an idea. I think I will pitch a show to some Hollywood big-wig about people suffering in traffic. I will be a millionaire. So from here on out if you see a TV show about people suffering in traffic and my name isn’t on it, I’m gonna sue.

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