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Do I smell a setup?

November 28, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

I think I do. A few days ago a 92 year old grandma was shot to death by some Atlanta Cops who had a warrant. Long story short, an informant told the APD that he had bought drugs in this particular house and it was the place to bust. So bust they did. However they busted in on granny and granny shot back and got three of the cops in various body-parts, all lived mind you, but granny is not with us anymore. Not a bad shot for a 92 year old. I remember seeing the aftermath of this on the news the night it happened. For some reason it seemed a bit to staged for me. They just happened to have a chopper filming the cops being rushed to the hospital with a huge police escort. By escort I mean that whatever intersection the ambulance had to go through was blocked off by a cop and in front of the ambulance leading the way was no fewer than 6 motorcycle cops in formation. If the ambulance wasn’t in the picture it would have looked like the president was being escorted through town. Yes it was that big. So fast forward to today and now the FBI is involved and various other alphabet agencies. The informant is now saying he was told to lie about the house where granny lived. WTH! What is going on here? Why did this guy lie about this, and how much did he get paid to do so? This smacks of conspiracy theories, especially with the other thing that just happened where some unarmed guy was shot in his car like 50+ times by the cops. Something is going on and it doesn’t look like its going to have a rosy outcome.

Shooting Victim Buried  – The story about the 92 year old.

Mayor Meets With Shooting Victim’s Kin – The story about the guy shot 50+ times.

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