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Can it be? Number 3!

February 12, 2007 1 comment

Yes thats what the magic test stick is telling us. Reed baby #3 on the way! According to the due date calculators we are looking at October 9th for the arrival. This certainly came as a surprise to both of us, but we are trustng in God to carry us through it. My oh my, how things are going to change! Guess its time to start looking at the mini-vans.

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Wicked Weather!

February 2, 2007 Leave a comment

Wicked weather is certainly nothing new in the times in which we are living. Just this morning / last night, some really bad stuff went through my hometown. So far the reports are that 14 people have been killed. Thankfully, from what I can tell nobody in my family has been affected. My Grandmother who is about to be 90 years young, lives by herself and thank goodness she slept through it! From the news reports I have seen it was pretty bad. At one point a tornado touched down in a retirement community. My cousin works for the Forestry Service and I have not yet heard from him. I imagine he is working to clear the debris and what not that is left behind.

Emergency workers trying to assess damage in Lake, Volusia

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