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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: PWND!!!11!

I don’t usually let the political cat out of the bag around here to often, but this one I cant pass up.

Jihad-jad is usually pretty good at poking a stick in the American eye, but this time he poked the wrong person. We all know that the British sailors were taken hostage, and if you didn’t, well the rock your under must be quite heavy. The only woman taken hostage has a daughter. Jihad-jad being the statesman that he is decided to ask how her daughter was as he was releasing them. Thankfully this woman had the guts to put this guy in his place.

Jihad-jad: “Hows your daughter?”

Faye: “I don’t know, Mr President, I haven’t seen her for 13 days — remember?”

Jihad-jad: Oh yes. But haven’t you been allowed a phone call to her?”

Faye: “No I most certainly have not”.

She should get the 1337 award of the year for making this guy look like a fool in front of all his punk flunkies. Of course the actual populace of Iran will never know it happened since the media is state-controlled, much like FauxNews unfortunately. However those on the internet will get to have fun with the story and poke fun at this retard who is driving the bus to Armageddon. Soon enough we will be making craters in his country, and then we’ll see what he is made of.

Check out the Full story at The Sun Online.

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