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T. Rex and Chickens have family ties!


WOW! If your not like me and believe in evolution, then this might rock your world. However if you are like me and believe in Creation, then this shouldn’t be to big a surprise. According to this article on CNN, T.Rex and the yard bird share some similar protein or something like that. So of course that means that the bigger must have evolved into the smaller. Logical evolutionist thinking of course. Well maybe didn’t evolve into, but is a long lost cousin twice removed. Sure thats what it is. Or maybe just maybe, they share a similar design because, well its a good one? I wouldn’t doubt that the two may somehow be related, and that would open up a couple of things.

  1. Chickens are warm-blooded so then T.Rex must be also.
  2. T.Rex must have been a giant overgrown bird with some nasty teeth.
  3. T.Rex really does taste like chicken.

Imagine the Bar-B-Que you could have with a T.Rex, or the Rex-Fil-A sandwich, with extra pickles! I wonder how many sandwiches a Chick-Fil-A could get out of a T.Rex. So that leads me to wonder, what does a bronto-burger taste like?

Here is the LINK

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