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Why did the police wait?

Ok this has got me a bit fired up. I just read this story about the guy who heard Cho off himself. A few things stand out from the story that make me ask why the police waited.

Professor Jocelyne Couture-Nowak told her students to dial 911, just seconds before Cho entered the room and sprayed bullets, wounding Colin in the leg. Cho “went first through one row of desks and started shooting just randomly,” Ann Goddard said.

Cho then left the classroom, she said, and returned minutes later.

Colin lay on the classroom floor, playing dead. He “turned his head and actually saw the shooter’s shoes come right up next to his body,” Ann Goddard said. “The shooter was standing right next to him.”

The gunman again shot Colin, hitting him in the shoulder and buttocks. Then he walked to the front of the classroom, she said.

Two gunshots were followed by silence.

Police broke that silence as they stormed the room, shouting, “shooter down! black tag!” Goddard said, which apparently are code words indicating deaths at the scene.

So we have Cho who was just calmly executing people, leave and re-enter the same classroom. Obviously from the guys statetment the cops knew where he was and must have been following him. WHY, WHY, WHY, did they decide to wait until he had killed himself? Why did they restrain from taking this guy down no matter what the cost to there own life or limb? Are police officer lives more valuable than student lives? Have police not been trained to take down armed suspects? How many students could have been spared if the cops would have rushed this guy guns blazing? Where are all the heros in our police force? The real hero here is the guy who played dead while he got shot again, not the cops who waited till the threat was gone! What is wrong with this picture? Some serious questions need to be asked and some serious answers need to be given. I would say its as much the police’s fault that those students are dead as it is Cho’s. Lets see, Police and SWAT wear body armor that can easily stop a 9mm or .22 caliber bullet, yet your average student is wearing one layer of cotton or two at best. Really? Do we need to hide behind trees and cars while innocents are being slaughtered? Cowards? Orders? What gives? Somebody needs to answer for this horrible lack of bravado that should pump through the veins of every police officer on duty. To put it plainly, you screwed up on this, real bad. My condolences go out to those who were slaughtered in this event, and especially to the heros who gave there own lives to save others.

The story that started this rant : My son was in the room when Cho killed himself

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