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Giant Killer Wasps!

Killer Wasp

For once I can actually sympathize with the folks at the State Department. Usually I could care less about the goings on there, but the latest threat to them also resides in my own yard. Yes I too am experiencing Killer Wasp Anxiety, or actually my wife is to be exact. This is the biggest wasp I have ever seen. I would compare it to a hummingbird and the way it flies around it actually looks like one. Its big and mostly black, but big is the operative adjective here. A few days ago I was outside talking with my neighbor when we saw this giant skimming back and forth just above the grass. It was zooming all over the place looking for something, perhaps its nest or maybe emerging cicadas. At one point it decided to buzz by us for a closer look. Personally I wasn’t really scared of it since they are pretty much harmless, but it was intimidating to say the least.

‘Killer’ Wasps Menace State Department

University of Kentucky Article 

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