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Just what the future holds.

After reading some of the reports coming out of Iowa and the flood affected areas, things do not look good at all. I have a feeling this flood will impact this country much more than Hurricane Katrina did. The reason for that assumption is, this flood is affecting our food supplies. At any rate, we will soon find out how bad its going to get.

On another note, I got some snippets from a story on CNN.com and some interesting insights of what marshal law looks like, and just what the future may hold for other disaster victims.

The first one:

text snapshop

To me this does not make sense. First you can go in, then you cant, we changed our minds. I would like to know just why it has suddenly become “unsafe”.

The Second:

text snapshot 2

Now you have to take a mark. I guess in this situation its a good thing. You don’t want people roaming around in there that do not belong, especially if they get the chance to loot and pillage.

The Third:

text snapshot 3

This one is just plain bizarre. The lady was dead in her car, and it was stopped. THEN it was hit by a National Guard bus. Did the bus driver think this stopped car was just going to move out of its way because it was a “National Guard” bus? Did the bus driver know how to operate said bus? How hard is it to avoid a stopped car? Cant be to hard I drive through parking lots all the time! Sheesh

The Fourth:

text snapshot 4

The myth that has been steadily crammed down our throats since 9-11. You have no rights, because we are trying to protect you. Its scary to see just how widely accepted this myth has become. Also thanks to things like the “Patriot Act” which have made many laws to make these statements true is even more disturbing. Freedom comes at a price. The government cant even get a stimulus check right, how do you think they are going to be able to protect you? And just what are they protecting you from? Yourself. They need to protect you from yourself because you are danger, a danger to yourself and others. So keep on swallowing that pill, it will make everything alright.

A link to the CNN story: Flooding worries spread.

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