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The GOD Conspiracy

June 18, 2009 1 comment

I have become a huge fan of “Podiobooks” or serialized audio books that are free. If you have an MP3 player, free time and would enjoy listening to something other than music, its for you! I spend about 2 hours a day sitting in traffic going to and from work so I have plenty of listening time. I don’t remember how exactly I came upon but it is a gold mine for audio books. While visiting it the other night, The GOD Conspiracy was on the front page and grabbed my attention. Needless to say, I am 1 episode away from being caught up and cant wait to hear more.

Derek Gilbert has created a great story of modern day life and Biblical prophecy intersecting each other for world changing events. The best part about it is well, it is what is happening right now. It might not exactly match up with Derek’s story, but the message is the same. That is the great thing about a story, you make it go where you want. Using the framework of real prophecy gives you a great guideline. It enables you to flesh out prophecy to show others that YES, we are living in THOSE times.

A witnessing tool? It very well could be, much like the “Left Behind” series its exciting and compelling and makes you think. If you can, give it a listen. Im sure you wont be sorry. After you have listened, head over to his website for even more good stuff!

The GOD Conspiracy

Derek P. Gilbert


Ferrari X-Racer Concept

June 12, 2009 Leave a comment


I love racing. Id love to watch it more often that I do, but kids will do that to ya. I would say my favorite races to watch are the F-1 series. I also love Sci-Fi and anything having to do with futuristic crap. So when I stumbled across this post on Jalopnik, I had to share. Designer Vincent Montreuil has created a very cool looking concept racer. Granted I doubt anything like this will ever see the light of day, but it still fun to imagine. Also it brings up an interesting question of what exactly will the future of racing look like. Considering how far things have come from the old bootleggers running moonshine to the 200+ mph speed demons. What is next? Until then, enjoy the post.

Ferrari X-Racer Concept: A Balls-Out, Flying Grand Prix Car

Personal Effects: Dark Art

June 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Today is launch day folks. The big day for J.C. Hutchins and his book Personl Effects: Dark Art. I can’t wait to get the book and sink my teeth into it, or from the sounds of the vlurbs, its gonna sink its teeth into me. Either way, one of us will get satisfied. This book is blurring the line, it is breaking new ground, and it will scare you. Below is the SUPERVLURB. Enjoy it. Go buy the book. Go stimulate your local economy. It will make you feel better about yourself. Also on the site you can get yourself and avatar to join in the fun, use them where ever you feel it necessary. An avatar I submitted to J.C.’s site is currently on display for all to see. Go get yours now!


The Daily Tourniquet

June 1, 2009 2 comments

Interested in a some horror short stories? Head over to The Daily Tourniquet and get your fill. The debut story is called “Anasazi Skin” by Matt Wallace. Its equal parts sci-fi and equal parts horror. Good stuff and not exactly for the faint of heart.