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The Occult and Holiday Eye Candy

December 23, 2009 1 comment

It’s the time of year we celebrate the fact that God sent His Son to earth as a humble baby. When it comes to entertainment, though, the occult is trying hard to take over.

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Deception 101- It’s Manifesting! « L.A. Marzulli’s Blog

December 17, 2009 1 comment

There is something that is manifesting over a Coptic church in Egypt. The question is this, is it the Mary of the Bible? The short answer is no, it is not. But what is alarming to me is the blatant acceptance of whatever it is that is manifesting.

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Your kidding right?

June 18, 2007 Leave a comment

So Salman Rushdie wrote a book back in 1988 called “The Satanic Verses”. Personally I have never read the book, but seeing as how it has the Muslims all up in arms, I’m guessing it must be good. The “re-newed” hatred for this guy is because he was Knighted. So since you cant say anything bad about Mohammed or imply or whatever, Muslims have decided to threaten society with suicide bombers. How is it that more people have not seen just how ridiculous this group of nuts is? In the name of “allah”, yes not capitalized for a reason, you are fair game should you say anything bad about them. What is worse is that most of the Middle Eastern governments endorse this sort of thinking.

Here is what I know about Mohammed, take it or leave it. Basically he was a hashish smoking raider who was visited by jinns and was able to lead a group of people into worshiping the moon god over all the others. Not so much mono-theism as you might think hence the phrase “allah ackbar” or “god is greater”, well greater than what? All the other several hundred gods of that time period. Also it is well known what Satan’s motive was and why he was cast out of heaven. He wanted to be “greater” than God. I could go on, but that is not the point of this blog post. My point is, you can reason with this group of people. For them its either “allah’s” way or your dead. Granted Christianity had its misguided time under the sun, but NO WHERE in the bible does Christ tell us to either convert or die by the sword, as is the case with Islam. Which leads to the next thing on my rant list. Why does Christianity get the bad rap all the time? I guess the body has become atrophied in parts. God has given us the choice to accept Him freely, or face eternal hell without Him. However Islam gives you the choice to convert freely or die by the sword and then burn in hell. So all you atheist Christ-haters, go take a good hard look at Islam and tell me what you see.

Pakistan Condemns Rushdie Knighthood

Debate evolves into religious discussion

June 6, 2007 Leave a comment

Debate evolves into religious discussion

I read through this article and was astounded by it. Basically none of the “conservative” types will own up to believing in a “literal” 6-day creation. Ill pull some quotes from the article.



“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth,” said Huckabee, an ordained Baptist minister. “A person either believes that God created the process or believes that it was an accident and that it just happened all on its own.”However, when pressed about whether he believed in a literal interpretation of the timeline laid out in Genesis — that God created the world in six days about 6,000 years ago — Huckabee said, “I don’t know.”

So here we have an ordained Baptist minister who himself does not believe in God’s word! What is that about? He is basically saying that God helped the process along. What I get from that is he believes in the scince of man, but with a little of God thrown in for good measure. Apparently he must not think God is big enough to be able to make creation in 6 days.



“Whether God did it in six days or whether he did it in six days that represented periods of time, he did it. And that’s what’s important.”

No sir, I’m afraid what is important is whether or not you have faith in what God says He did.

But it gets better folks…



Huckabee’s elucidation of his views during Tuesday’s debate drew a follow-up response from Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who, when the topic came up in the first debate, had said he believed in evolution.”I admire [Huckabee’s] description, because I hold that view,” said McCain, an Episcopalian. “There’s no doubt in my mind that the hand of God was in what we are today. And I do believe that we are unique, and [i] believe that God loves us.”

So here John McCain is indeed acknowledging the fact that they both believe in a form of evolution. He follows that up with telling us how much God must love us. Well I agree, God does love us, but enough to make us a special creation separate from the animals, and in only 6 days, not millions of year period days.



“One of the problems we have with our society today is that we’ve put faith and science at odds with each other. They aren’t at odds with each other. If they are, check your faith, or check your science.”

Senator Brownback is right about this. There is plenty of science out there to back up a literal 6 day creation view. Its not hard to find, Answers in Genesis, Dr. Carl Baugh, Ken Hamm, The new creation museum that just opened up.



And Huckabee made it clear that he did not appreciate the question, either, calling it unfair.

How is this an unfair question? Are you ashamed of your faith?

Indeed when reading this kind of mumbo-jumbo its not hard to see why the church is becoming basically ecumenical and is being watered down so as to be accepted by everyone so we don’t offend anyone. If you call yourself a Christian and are offended by any part of God’s word, you might want to check your facts or check your faith because somewhere you have a problem with God’s sovereignty and authority.

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